Loose Leaf Tea Tube


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A selection of loose leaf teas created by Mayde Tea and presented in a luxe tube containing 40 serves.

Available in a choice of 3 flavours:

Digest: an aromatic blend to support digestion and cleanse the palate. Refreshing with a subtle lingering sweetness, Digest contains a mix of therapeutic herbs that soothe the entire digestive system. Enjoy this cleansing blend after a meal.

Serenity: A beautiful tea blend to support the nervous and digestive systems, the Serenity tea combines soothing lavender with rose, passionflower and chamomile to support the nervous and digestive systems, making this a perfect pre-slumber elixir for a restful night’s sleep.

Green Sencha: combining fine green tea and botanicals, Sencha is a smooth, sweet and delicate Japanese loose leaf green tea blend with fragrant jasmine and rose.  It is a tea that will give an instant lift at any time of the day.

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